ECS combines the academic rigor of the best public schools with a multi-disciplinary, “out the door” learning approach rooted in real world problems that builds active, engaged, empathetic citizens. An average day at the ECS kindergarten might include a picture walk with a book, tearing apart an old toaster to learn what makes it work, and learning a song that teaches the days of the week.


Quick Facts


"I like ECS because we get to spend a lot of time outside. Everything we do, like reading and math, has to do with the environment around us. Every Wednesday, we go to our garden and cook what we find in our kitchen and eat it for lunch."

- ECS Second Grade Student


Our team values a solid home-school connection, playful engaging learning experiences, and collaboration. 

In MATHEMATICS, we focus on numbers, geometry, measurement, data and graphing, addition and subtraction, place value, time, and money so that students emerge with good foundational skills.

Our LITERACY team works to build phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, and reading comprehension.

ENVIRONMENTAL LITERACY is a place to explore the connections between social studies and science, and many authentic learning experiences emerge throughout our time together.  Topics of inquiry include communities, the sun and moon, and the connections between humans and animals and their habitats.  

My Excellence Time, ME TIME, is a time each day dedicated to intensely practicing Math and Literacy skills students have been learning. The groups are differentiated based on our Multi-Tiered Support System (MTSS) data.

During DISCOVERY Block, students will participate in research-backed, play-based activities that promote physical, social, emotional, and cognitive development. Play-based learning is child-centered, engaging, and imaginative, fostering a love of discovery and exploration, encouraging curiosity, and developing a desire for lifelong learning. 

With an ongoing partnership with Grow Pittsburgh, the ECS Primary School developed a full edible garden with multiple raised beds and supporting curriculum connections for students called EDIBLE SCHOOLYARD. Edible education shapes students' choices at mealtime, and roots them in the relationship between humans and the natural world.


Academic Blocks


Unique Programs

  • Out-the-Door Education

  • ME Time (MTSS)

  • Looping

  • Team Teaching

  • Specialized Teaching

  • Differentiated Instruction

  • Technology Integration


  • Thinking Lab

  • Music

  • Physical Education

Faculty profile

  • 1 School Counselor

  • 1 Social Worker

  • 1 School Nurse

  • 1 Gifted Teacher

  • 2 Administrators

  • 2 Academic Coaches

  • 29 Teachers



Our School


The ECS Primary School houses students from kindergarten through second grade. Situated in the heart of the Park Place neighborhood, the ECS Lower School provides students access to sidewalks and urban architecture while being only a 10 minute walk to Frick Park.  

With an ongoing partnership with Grow Pittsburgh, the ECS Lower School developed a full edible garden with multiple raised beds and supporting curriculum connections for students.  Both indoor and outdoor spaces at the ECS Primary School provide ample space for movement, play, exploration, and learning with the context of an urban neighborhood.

309 South Braddock
Pittsburgh, PA 15221

Phone: 412-242-1480