The Environmental Charter School’s faculty and staff are passionate, talented, and uncompromising with a mission to make sure all students succeed at a high level. Every aspect of our organization and program is designed-and continually refined-to ensure that goal. The ECS working environment is highly collaborative, reflective, and progressive.

Through an innovative, ecoliteracy-based curriculum, ECS grows active, engaged, empathetic citizens who are problem seekers, critical thinkers, and purposeful agents of change. We are rooted in our community, growing in impact and graduating students who have bloomed into drivers of thoughtful change in the world.


How do we do that?


Unique academic environment.

ECS combines academic rigor with a multi-disciplinary, “out-the-door” learning approach rooted in real world problems. Students get outside, study places and spaces in the City of Pittsburgh, and connect content to the community.

A place for ALL students.

ECS supports a full-inclusion model, in a way that promotes equity for all. ECS welcomes and accommodates students who need special education or gifted services, and tailors instruction to meet individual needs. There are two teachers in most classrooms (averaging 11:1 student to faculty ratio), allowing students to get targeted support and enrichment.

Strong relationships.

ECS serves the whole child -- keeping them healthy, safe, engaged, supported, and challenged. ECS teachers and staff are caring, engaged, and innovative, and they model the behavior we expect from our students. They are activists, leaders, and compassionate members of our community. Students “loop” with our teachers to build connection and consistency.



  • Competitive compensation package
    • Medical, dental and vision
    • Flexible spending accounts
    • Health care reimbursement
    • Retirement plan
    • Life, STD, and LTD insurance
  • Professional Development
  • Environmentally Friendly Workplace!

Application Requirements:


ECS is an equal opportunity employer.