Who We Are

Our Schools

Lower School

Kindergarten – Grade 3


The ECS Lower School houses students from kindergarten through third grade.  Situated in the heart of the Park Place neighborhood, the ECS Lower School provides students access to sidewalks and urban architecture while being only a 10 minute walk to Frick Park.  With an ongoing partnership with Grow Pittsburgh, the ECS Lower School developed a full edible garden with multiple raised beds and supporting curriculum connections for students.  Both indoor and outdoor spaces at the ECS Lower School provide ample space for movement, play, exploration, and learning with the context of an urban neighborhood.


309 South Braddock Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15221
Phone: 412-242-1480
Fax: 412-242-0196

Upper School

Grades 4-8


The ECS Upper School houses students from fourth grade through eighth grade.  Nestled next to the 644 acre Frick Park, students are often found peering under decomposing logs, taking water samples from the creek, scoping for birds by the Monongahela River or simply hiking through the park with teachers.  With ongoing partnerships GASP and the Penn State Master Gardener program, the outdoor spaces around the school showcase native species of plants and trees, and the current air quality index is measured and broadcast each day on the school’s flagpole. The heart of the ECS Upper School is located in the newly renovated Cafe, a place where students and adults meet, break bread, have a conversation or simply have a restful break throughout the day.


829 Milton Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15218
Phone: 412-247-7970
Fax: 412-247-7971