Who We Are


Our Mission

The mission of The Environmental Charter School at Frick Park is to educate each student to high academic learning standards using a themed curriculum that will foster knowledge, love of and respect for the environment and the will to preserve it for future generations.

But our mission only tells part of the story. We think differently. We approach school differently. We believe that it is our responsibility to build an active, engaged, and thoughtful citizenry – not just graduate students. We strongly commit to building systems thinkers, and use the platform of environment and ecology explore complexity, diverse perspectives, and various disciplinary ways to engage or explore a problem. Ecological literacy is more than tree hugging or understanding the power of an invasive species in an ecosystem. ECS recognizes that the world is more complex and the successful education experience means more than simply preparing students with content. We know that humans need content, yet require opportunities to create, innovate, share and think critically. Coupled with an intensity for believing that culture is as important as a curriculum framework and a thinking-centered learning space, ECS dares to do “school” differently, and build extraordinary little people into extraordinary big people.

“As the world changes and becomes increasingly more complex, global citizens will need to be equipped with skills that allow them to be flexible thinkers, creative problem solvers, and effective leaders.”

– ECS Founding Principal and CEO, Jon McCann