Who We Are

Guiding Principles

What We Believe: Our Guiding Principles

Catalyst: As a charter school, we are innovators in public education. We are a passionate and progressive group of educators who work to develop individuals into global thinkers with diverse perspectives

Character: We are dedicated to making the world a better place, socially and environmentally, for future generations. We engage students in character development through educational experiences that evaluate the impact of individual choices and that are born from collective discussion and the investigation of diverse perspectives.

Collaboration: We value collaboration with our community and recognize the power of systems thinking. We believe that respectful, transparent, and reflective dialogue among our constituents (students, families, faculty, neighbors, and regional partners) is necessary for elevating educational experiences for all learners.

Commitment: We are a dedicated community of passionate leaders who are committed to redefining ecological literacy. Our educational model endorses an interdisciplinary view of complex environmental systems.

How do our Guiding Principles drive our instructional pillars?

The ECS Instructional Pillars are centered on the belief that all students can achieve and include the following…

  • Knowledge is constructed
  • All members of the community are expected to be active engaged learners and problem solvers
  • Teaching and learning is accountable, measurable, and focused on continuous improvement
  • Everyone knows what counts as good work
  • Serious academic rigor shapes the instructional day