Special Education

ECS values general and special education as a unified system with the inclusion of all students at the heart of what we do.

We are committed to co-teaching and see our students benefit in the following ways:

  • Placement in natural typical settings.

  • All students together for instruction and learning.

  • Supports and modifications within general education to meet appropriate learner outcomes.

  • Belongingness, equal membership, acceptance, and being valued.

  • Collaborative integrated services by education teams.


Team Mission

The Special Education Team's mission is to holistically nurture the growth of exceptional students through inclusive, student-centered practices and data-driven, targeted instruction.

Team Vision

Teams of teachers will know their students' needs and have a shared responsibility to support their growth.

Teachers & teams will use data to make programming decisions for students based on their needs, considering the whole continuum of Special Education services.

IEP Teams include and involve all members (especially families) to support student growth.

Programming will support student growth in academics and social-emotional skills, as well as our ECS pillars of collaboration, commitment, catalyst and character.

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Gifted Education

The Environmental Charter School’s unique and innovative program allows for a thriving, fully inclusive education for all learners, including those with high cognitive abilities and academic achievement.  

ECS is committed to providing enrichment to all students who demonstrate a need for a challenge by:

  • Supporting classroom differentiation for advanced learners   

  • Creating engaging PRIME/ME Time units to push flexible thinking and support a growth mindset

  • Participating in community-based enrichment experiences

  • Providing students a chance for strengths and passions to align through individualized opportunities

Students who show a consistent need for enrichment may benefit from a Gifted IEP.  To ensure that the ECS identification process is equitable, all students will be screened for the gifted program in 3rd grade.  Beginning in fourth grade, parents and teachers can also make referrals throughout the school year.