We can’t wait to see your child in school each day, and daily transportation plans and routines are critical to ensuring safety and security for all of our students.

Lower School Schedule

Doors Open: 8:15 a.m.

School Day Begins: 8:45 a.m.

Dismissal Begins: 3:40 p.m.

Dismissal Concludes: 4:15 p.m.

Lower School Office Hours: 8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

Upper School Schedule

Doors Open: 8:00 a.m.

School Day Begins: 8:30 a.m.

Dismissal Begins: 3:30 p.m.

Dismissal Concludes: 4:00 p.m.

Upper School Office Hours: 7:45 a.m.-4:15 p.m.

1/2 Days for Students: Dismissal time at Upper School is 11:30. Dismissal time for Lower School is 11:45. Students eat lunches in classrooms on 1/2 days, and all ECS classrooms remain peanut/tree nut free.  All packed lunches must be free of these items. We ask parents to respect the daily learning hours and try to schedule doctor and dentist appointments without interrupting the day.

Dismissal Routines and Bus Transportation

With your help, ECS establishes a normal dismissal routine for each child. If that routine changes, we request a written note in order to change any dismissal procedure. ECS organizes each student in a bus group and assigns a staff member to be the bus captain. At the end of each day, the bus captain checks in all students and puts them on the bus. If your child is being picked up at the end of the day, they will go to the back of the building to be dismissed by their homebase teacher.

ECS does not provide busing. Your home district will provide your child with transportation to and from school (depending on the district and distance from your home to the school). At the beginning of each school year, your home district will provide you and ECS with your child’s bus and route information.  When a student from Pittsburgh Public School District (PPS) or Woodland Hills School District (WHSD) is admitted, ECS submits your information to your home district. PPS and WHSD will set up your bus transportation based on your application information. All other districts require families to contact their district directly to submit information for transportation. If you are in need of a stop change, or an alternative PM drop-off, check the PPS website for the appropriate form.

Please note: Students may not ride a bus that they are not assigned to ride. Due to school district liability issues, students who wish to have play dates after school must be picked up.

Pittsburgh Public Fred Bigelow 412-529-8125
Woodland Hills Siobhan Niklo 412-731-1300 Ext 0185
Penn Hills Jim Berent 412-793-7000 Ext 1274
Hampton Jeff Kline 412-492-6308
Shaler Sheila Lubert 412-492-1200 Ext 2824
Fox Chapel Linda Casile 412-967-2400 Ect 2423
Keystone Oaks Kim Lucas 412-571-6026
Gateway Liz Gigliotti 412-373-5728
McKeesport James Humanic 412-664-3762


Afternoon Transportation Changes

This email will be distributed to the office manager, principal, vice principal, and E-Day staff of your child’s school. The office will notify the classroom teacher. Someone in the office will reply to your email to confirm receipt. However, if you are making a request after 12 pm (or 9 am on a half day), please call the office to confirm this change.
We hope that this will further promote student safety at our schools.

Lower School transportation changes:

Upper School transportation changes: