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We are thrilled to announce that our Upper School is implementing a 1:1 Chromebook program this year – providing access to a computer for every student in class every day. Last year we piloted a successful 1:1 initiative in sixth grade and collected feedback from parents about screen time and digital citizenship that was essential in framing our implementation this year.

We are partnering with Common Sense Media, Everfi, The Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh, Seton Hill University, and The Robotics Institute at CMU to help guide our implementation and conduct research on outcomes. These partnerships have proven essential to the development of a Digital Citizenship curriculum which is the first step in our implementation process.

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ECS Screen Time Policy

Student privacy is a priority to us at ECS and we strive to find educational technology partners that have high standards in privacy. Our two largest partners, Google and Schoology, have both signed the Student Privacy Pledge which is designed to set standards and limitations on data collected from students. Furthermore, we utilize firewall scanning and oversee all student Google Drive accounts through an admin console to prevent unwanted access to sites and apps.

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ECS is leading the development of a collective vision for technology fluency and connected learning in the city of Pittsburgh. Having a collective vision brings people together around a common goal, encourages collaboration, and prepares us to create detailed plans and strategies for achieving our goals that can be implemented effectively and efficiently. The goal is to design a K-12 learning continuum that supports a collective vision and provides meaningful opportunities for students and teachers to develop their craft.

The Google Fund of the Tides Foundation, on behalf of Google Pittsburgh’s Community Grant Program, has supported the development of our Technology Fluency curriculum with a grant for the 2015-2016 school year. This is an exciting partnership that helps to support our ECS community and the goals that we have moving forward.


“When technology, pedagogy, and change-management knowledge come together, it is possible for schools to embrace new forms of learning. By integrating technology and education, teachers can offer classroom experiences that are exciting, engaging, easy to use, and steeped in real-life problem solving. The first step is for administrators, teachers, parents, and other stakeholders to create a vision that articulates educational goals, as well as how technology supports those objectives.”

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Todd Hoffman

Todd Hoffman

Director of Technology | todd.hoffman@ecspgh.org