Expansion Updates

System Expansion Process

As promised, we wanted to give you an updated timeline to help build some understanding about the complexity of our journey, but also connect you with how and when questions will be answered and decisions will be made.

We know that with any change (personal, professional, organizational…) there is uncertainty and discomfort.  Timelining out this work allows us to embed our values, reconnect with our student-centered approach, and carefully identify spaces and places we want to do better. We are an organization that values self-reflection, relationship development, and professional risk-taking from our people– we will be leaning on these values as we move forward. The phased approach goes from the “clouds” and very strategic, to the “supplies and materials,” which will be the micro-focused decisions.  We are approaching planning this way in order to ensure all decision-making is rooted in values and criteria that sets students first.


January 8, 2018. Expansion Engagement Opportunity: Week 1, Connections

December 21, 2017. Engagement Phase

December 4, 2017. Phased Expansion Timeline

Our Journey to Expansion

As the 2017-2018 school year begins, there is much excitement in the air as students and teachers return.  Behind the scenes, ECS is also working steadily on our expansion efforts,  both to provide increased spaces for students in the city of Pittsburgh and to expand our programming to high school.  We have worked through many hurdles in this process, and look forward sharing this next phase of our growth with you in the coming weeks.  We are poised to share some exciting developments to our progress.

Each Friday in September we will share with you an “Expansion Snapshot” of our story, and provide a sense of how each of these pieces fit together to shape our journey going forward while also connecting deeply with our roots as an organization.  Through this series of “Expansion Snapshots”  you can see how our mission and vision have driven each piece of this process and drive every decision of our work.  As each phase of the story unfolds, know that we are simultaneously working on the details to give you the most up-to-date information — from understanding a realistic timeline to looking at potential locations that support our program ideal. Check out the infographic to see the topics we’ll cover in the coming weeks.

It is important to note that all of our expansion efforts reflect and support the mission of the school:  using innovative curriculums to foster knowledge, love of, and respect for the environment. Multidisciplinary integration, out-the-door education, ecoliteracy, and authentic learning are the core teaching methods used by ECS to root students in real-world problems.  All of these core values will continue to be embedded in our program.

Finally, remember that we are still currently working to secure details for all of the topics that we know you are excited to hear.  As we complete each of these snapshots in the coming weeks, we promise to share the information we’ve gathered each Friday.  

Please feel free to reach out with questions.  


September 29, 2017. Expansion Snapshot: Location

September 8, 2017. Expansion Snapshot: Victory! ECS Completes Settlement Agreement

Spring 2017 Expansion Update

Winter 2016 Expansion Update

Fall 2016 Expansion Update