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Donations help us to meet our mission, and beyond. 

Consider ECS in your annual giving, and make a difference in the education of students in the city of Pittsburgh.


Out-the-Door ecs

Students at ECS have over 2100 outdoor experiences every year and spend about 175 minutes in recess a week. ECS combines academics and out-the-door learning to approach real world problems that build active, engaged, empathetic citizens. You will find students going on hikes through Frick Park identifying trees, picking up trash in the community, tending to the school’s garden beds, visiting the history center learning about the roots of Pittsburgh, and so much more. Help us create these opportunities for students to be engaged citizens.


Growing ECS

ECS grows citizens. And we are expanding our campuses to support additional students at every grade level and to continue our mission-based program through the high school years. Growth in space allows us to developmentally right-size our schools, support the demand for our program, and expand opportunities for students. Will you help us as we grow?


special project: Bike ECS

Bike ECS is a newly formed partnership between Bike PGH’s Positive Spin Youth Cycling Program and ECS that is teaching our students to explore their neighborhood on two wheels and stay safe while doing so. Students are experiencing the freedom granted by a bicycle, improving their self-confidence, learning self-reliance and how to better integrate a healthy activity into everyday life. Not only is this program engaging, fun and powerful for our students, it is helping to on-board the next generation of cyclists in a safe, powerful and accessible way. We plan to expand Bike ECS to make it available to more students next year and would love your support in doing so!

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General ecs

The mission of The Environmental Charter School at Frick Park is to educate each student to high academic learning standards using a themed curriculum that will foster knowledge, love of and respect for the environment and the will to preserve it for future generations. By donating to the general ECS fund not only will you help us support our mission but also each student that walks into our buildings. Help us support each child in their educational journey.