Whole Child

Stay N Play


Stay N Play on a Half Day is special programming hosted on select early dismissal days throughout the school year for our youngest students to attend. Enroll your child for an afternoon of fun-infused learning with friends as they explore a variety of topics.



35 spots available for grades K -3

Fee $30.00  

Free and Reduced fee is waived

Pick up time between 3:30pm and 3:45pm

Questions? Email clubs@ecspgh.org

December 8 – Out of This World

3… 2…1… takeoff! Students will explore the galaxy and learn about different planets! This day will include space videos, dreaming up your own planet, and an asteroid toss.

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February 23 – The Great Wild

Get ready for one wild day with the Humane Animal Wildlife Rescue! We will spend the day learning all about the great wild, especially the animals of the night! There will be a LIVE ANIMAL VISIT followed by a fun craft and free play!

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April 20 – Be Who You Are!

What makes you YOU? In this Stay N Play, students will discover what makes each of us unique and wonderful. We will play games, read a book, watch a movie, and go on a treasure hunt for the greatest treasure in all the world!

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