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Student Health

The goal of Health Services at ECS is to promote the health and well being of each of our students and staff physically, mentally, and socially.

  • We believe that the health of a child has a direct effect on his/her ability to achieve academic success.
  • We provide services to students that address disease prevention, health promotion and mandated services required by the Pennsylvania Department of Health.
  • We believe the nurse is a professional and respects the confidentiality of the student while functioning as a student advocate within the school while collaborating with teachers as needed.

School Nurse

Judy Brand, BSN RN CSN

Judy Brand, BSN RN CSN

Certified School Nurse | judy.brand@ecspgh.org

Lisa Fazio

Lisa Fazio

Nurse | Lisa.Fazio@ecspgh.org

Health History Form

Student Emergency Card

Physical Exam Form

Dental Form

Medication Form

Health Guidelines for Outdoor Experiences

Please view the ECS Health Services website here