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Welcome to E-Day, the tuition-based after-school program at ECS.

E-Day provides a safe and fun environment for students to play, study, and engage while parents finish up their workdays. With programs at both the upper and lower schools, E-Day is dedicated to reflecting the school’s mission by following the standards and goals established at ECS. E-Day’s talented and dedicated staff members strive to enrich the program and provide positively memorable experiences for the children through a variety of fun and educational activities.

As school dismisses and E-Day begins, students transition to after school where they eat snack and socialize. From there, daily activities include, outdoor free time and nature hikes, games and puzzles, arts and crafts, cooking and tech time, and a focus on reading. In addition, E-Day offers a daily homework lab to get a head start on nightly assignments. The students also enjoy enrichment programming from community organizations such as the Sierra Club, and Carnegie Library. One of the favorites by students and parents alike are animal visits, with critters like, skunks, porcupines, and parrots. E-Day wraps up the week with Movie Day, the ever-popular day when students enjoy popcorn and watch age-appropriate films on a big screen.

If E-Day can assist your family with after school care, please don’t hesitate and enroll today.

Tuition Details:

6:00PM Pick-Up (5 days/week):

Single Child: $195 per month or $1852.20 if paid in full by September 1

Sibling Discount: $185.25 per child per month

Free and Reduced Lunch Families Rate: $148 per month

Yearly registration fee $50.00 per child

6:00PM Pick-Up (3 days/week):

Single Child: $165 per month

Yearly registration fee $50.00 per child

Part time is not eligible for discounted rates.

Reduced rates are available to families that qualify for the free and reduced lunch program.

E-Day scholarships are available in a limited amount to families with incomes that exceed the qualifications for the free and reduced lunch program.

Discounts cannot be combined.

Please note that rates are subject to change.

Drop in Child Care:

Ready Care Pass is on demand drop in child care with E-Day, until 5:45pm up to 4 times during the school year. Ready Care Pass is renewable but unused sessions do not carry over from one school year to the next.

Ready Care Pass $60.00

Free and Reduced Lunch Families Rate: $40.00

Payment Policies and Details:

Payments are to be submitted in ten monthly installments.

Payments begin September and end June.

E-Day accepts MasterCard, Visa, and credit card debit cards.

If you need to use checks or money orders please contact the director to make special arrangements.

Kristan Abeshouse

Kristan Abeshouse

E-Day Director | kristan.abeshouse@ecspgh.org

Amy Bianco

Amy Bianco

After School Program Director | amy.bianco@ecspgh.org

Linda Stiles

Linda Stiles

Team E-Day | linda.stiles@ecspgh.org

Shelley Fazio

Shelley Fazio

Shelley Fazio | shelley.fazio@ecspgh.org

Sara McBurney

Sara McBurney

E-Day Child Care Collaborator | sara.mcburney@ecspgh.org

Tameka Thompson

Tameka Thompson

Paraprofessional/E-Day lower school team leader | tameka.thompson@ecspgh.org

For more information visit the E-Day website.

E-Day contact information:

Upper Campus 
829 Milton St
Pgh PA 15218
412-247-7970 ext. 002 (voicemail)

Lower Campus
309 Braddock Ave
Pgh PA 15221
412-242-1480 ext. 422 (only answers during program 3pm-6pm)
Email our E-day Director, Kristan Abeshouse at: