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You MUST have FBI, State Child Abuse, and Criminal Clearances before Volunteering! Let us know what skills and interests you are willing to share with the school. Volunteering your time in the PCO is an inexpensive way to meet the needs of our school, make an effective contribution to your child’s school experience, and show your child that you value their interests. Please fill out a  Volunteer Form and let us know how you can help us.

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How and Why To Get Clearances

At ECS, volunteering is a vital part of our school day. Volunteers help us to achieve our innovative approach to education by assisting in our project based learning and aiding in our fieldwork. It is also equally important that our children are safe in every way. To ensure the safety of our students we must request that our volunteers have the appropriate clearance to interact with the children. That’s why anyone who works with students must have the following three clearances on file:

  • PA State Police Criminal Record Check
  • PA Child Abuse Clearance
  • Federal Criminal Background Check

Any clearances provided to the school must be no more than one year old. However, once the clearances are on file with the school and so long as there is no break in the volunteer’s child’s enrollment at the school, those clearances need not be updated.

Here are some examples of activities for which you would need clearance:

  • Chaperoning Field Trips
  • Home Room Parents
  • Working with a small group of students or with an individual student
  • Driving a team/group to an activity
  • Chaperoning a student-only event
  • Helping in a classroom
  • Any time you work directly with the students

You would not need clearances for:

  • Attending a classroom presentation or party
  • Attending a school-sponsored event
  • Any time you are not working directly with students

For more information about the required state and federal clearances please visit the links below.

PA State Police Criminal Record Check

(Child abuse clearance must be sent to the state for processing. It takes about 3-4 weeks to obtain results.)
Please click on “Pennsylvania Department of Education” to proceed