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Thank You!  Donations help us to meet our mission, and beyond.  Consider ECS in your annual giving, and make a difference in the education of students in the city of Pittsburgh.

Special opportunity to Build a Legacy: Support The Giving Path at ECS

Join us for our Legacy Brick Drive to support the Lower School Beautification Project! The Giving Path is an opportunity for our supporters to gain concrete recognition. Serving as a pathway from the upper garden to the lower green play space for students, families, and faculty members at our Lower School, the walkway provides a legacy for future generations at ECS. The walkway’s natural and embedded location is ideal for donors to show gratitude and appreciation of the built and natural worlds. Purchase a legacy brick to be placed in the pathway of the lower school for your family, alumni, favorite teacher, or add an inspirational quote for children. 4”x8” bricks are available for purchase of $150, 2 lines and up to 18 character per line. Click here to make your order today! Brick Certificates and Donor Bricks w/ Felt Backing are available for an additional fee

The funds listed below work to support almost every aspect of our work. We thank you for considering supporting the work of creating tomorrow’s eco literate citizen.


Curriculum and Community Fund:

Connecting our curriculum in the community makes the context real for students.  Supporting STEM, STEAM, the humanities, and social sciences provides teachers and faculty members access to resources to enhance experiences for students, to bring in partners and experts to collaborate and work with students, and to get students into real world scenarios that build and enrich the learning environment.  Supporting this work provides additional access to resources, partnerships, equipment, and local field trips that extend the classroom experience.



Athletics & Afterschool Programming Fund:

ECS believes that students should have a well-rounded educational experience; one that includes encouraging students to explore sports and clubs that will grow their interests and ignite their passions. Donations to this fund will aid in supporting the clubs, sports, and enrichment activities that are available to our students.

Angel Fund:

We believe that every student should have the opportunity to have the ECS experience without financial concerns. This fund supports students and families who may need some additional support to ensure all students are able to participate 100% in our programs and offerings throughout the year. Donations to this fund could assist students in attending an 8th grade overnight trip, after school/athletic programming fees, uniforms and so much more.

2016 – 2017 Lower School Beautification Project:

Connecting early childhood students to the outdoors can run into practical challenges for very young students. Physical endurance and the simple proximity to a handy bathroom are just a few factors that can reduce the frequency and duration of neighborhood and green space explorations. Our Lower School Beautification Project is designed to further our school mission by achieving the following:

  • Create a variety of outdoor teaching spaces designed to foster early childhood explorations of the green and built environment.
  • Highlight the use of a wide variety of sustainable building materials.  
  • Help students to appreciate the connection between design, beauty, health and happiness.
  • Provide dynamic examples of intentional reuse and redirection of water.
  • Creation and maintenance of indigenous shrub and tree borders – (intentional design of green spaces).
  • Provision of natural play structures.
  • Creation of quiet reflective green spaces.
  • Connect our whole community to intentional outdoor design – (educational signage).
  • Examples of clean energy collection and use  – Solar / Hydro / Wind
  • Incorporate an existing “Edible Schoolyard Project”
  • Model the value of ongoing community stewardship  

2016 – 2017 Edible Schoolyard Project:
As part of this project 2nd and 3rd grade students learn to grow, harvest and prepare nutritious foods during the school day. Students gain understandings of how the natural world sustains us, how food can build and connect communities, and how to maintain a healthy lifestyle through their hands on kitchen and garden experiences. Donations to this fund will support an automated irrigation system.