Enrollment FAQs

How does the lottery work?

ECS will conduct an enrollment lottery on Tuesday, February 17, 2015. The lottery will be held in the large meeting room at the East Liberty branch of the Carnegie Library (130 S. Whitfield Street Pittsburgh, PA 15206). The lottery will begin at 5:30pm. On the lottery date, one of the following scenarios will occur:

  1. If student applications do not exceed the number of available seats in a grade, all applicants will be given a space in the grade, or
  2. If student applications exceed the number of available seats in a grade, a lottery will be conducted for that grade. Any students not receiving a space will be placed on the waiting list in the order their names are drawn.
  3. Families are invited to attend the lottery. All families, regardless of attendance at the lottery, will receive notification of their student’s lottery results within one week via US Mail. Families are also welcome to contact the school via phone to request their child’s lottery results. Attendance at the lottery is not required.

How many spots will be open in the grade I am interested in for next year?

The number of spots available in each grade is subject to change each school year in response to our annual re-enrollment process for current students. The re-enrollment process occurs each year just prior to the lottery and informs the school of information such as families that are moving or students that are transferring to new schools. In kindergarten, the number of spots available each year is determined after the school applies a preference to siblings of existing students. The official number of spots that are available will be publicly posted at the annual enrollment lottery.

What is “sibling preference?”

  • If during the lottery your child is chosen and has an older sibling in a grade that has an open position, the sibling will also receive admittance. Since our lottery begins with kindergarten and moves up, this only happens in one direction. For example, if a kindergarten student gets in and has a sibling in fourth grade, if fourth grade has available spaces, the fourth grade sibling will also be admitted. Sibling preference is not offered after the open spaces are filled, students do not enter the waiting list based on sibling preference.
  • If no spots are available, the following year your other child(ren) will be eligible for sibling preference. You will notify us on the re-enrollment form in January that you would like to enroll your other child at ECS. The available spaces will go to siblings first and if the number of siblings exceeds available spaces, a sibling lottery will be held.

Can I pick up an application at the school?

Yes, applications are available in the main office of both of our schools. You can also print one from our website, www.ecspgh.org

2015-2016 ECS Application

Can I drop my application off at the school?

No. You must send your application and supporting documents to the PO address listed on the application.

Do I have to be at the lottery to find out if my child was chosen?

No. You do not have to be present at the lottery. You will be notified via a letter sent US Mail within one week of the lottery. You may also call the school the day after the lottery to receive your child’s results.

My child is on the waiting list. What does this mean?

This means that your child’s name will be kept on our list through the end of the upcoming school year. If a student who is offered a spot does not accept enrollment, we will offer the spot to the first person on the waiting list. If a student who is currently enrolled decides to move during the summer or during next school year, we will contact the next student on the waiting list. ECS continues to fill spots throughout the school year.

My child wants to shadow at the school, is that possible?

A child can shadow at ECS if he/she is offered a spot in our school after the lottery. Your child is welcome to come in for a ½ day visit in his/her current grade level classroom.

Can I tour the school if my child gets in after the lottery?

Yes, a parent can come visit the school and observe classrooms with an administrator. After observing in the classroom, parents can go on a mini-tour and an administrator can answer any additional questions at this time.